Muslim Hands is an international NGO working with some of the most deprived communities in the world.
Since our humble beginnings in 1993, we have responded to countless emergencies as weil as establishing
long-term projects in over 30 countries.
Muslim Hands Niger works in Niger in the areas of food security, livelihoods, orphan sponsorship, education,
wash and emergency response. Its main mission in Niger is to support vulnerable and / or at risk populations to
improve their lives, recover from shocks and exclusion in order to be able to secure viable opportunities for the
development of a sustainable livelihood economy. Currently, Muslim Hands Niger run a school of excellence
in Niamey, where more than 300 orphans are enrolled.
Job Title: Principal/Head teacher
Place of work: Niamey
Position category: COI
The principal/head teacher must be an educational professional who has a concrete knowledge of the
realities faced by members of educational teams.
From a pedagogical point of view, the principal/head teacher assesses the relevance of the methods
and means adopted by his teams.
He is also responsible for preparing the school continuous proposai, budget and annual feedback.
He ensures that the learning meets the programs and objectives set in terms of ski Ils to be acquired.
The principal/head teacher also ensures that teachers are informed about educational reforms and
The principal/head teacher organizes the services and the work of ail the staff. He is responsible for
recruiting and appointing his team.
He is responsible for the implementation of the school policies and takes the necessàry sanctions, if
necessary. He is responsible for the attendance and punctuality of the students.
He establishes and maintains a dialogue with the parents and summons them, if necessary.
The principal also takes on a public relations role and nurtures the school’s brand image. He is the
interlocutor with the Muslim Hands Education department UK, Ministry of Education and the Education
Inspection Service.
-Hold a diploma at least equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in educational science or related fields;
-Professional experience of at least 5 years as principal/head teacher;
Be bilingual (French-English);
-Have the ability to initiate and write projects;
-Know and apply the legislation on education in Niger;
-Keeping abreast of the development of research in the educational field;
-Encourage team spirit;
– Maintain discipline, manage any conflicts;
-Manage students’ academie records;
-Promote dialogue with representatives of staff, parents and students;
– Conduct meetings, lead the class council;
-Ensure the organization of courses and exams;
-Organize the maintenance of school buildings and infrastructure;
-Manage the material and financial resources of the establishment;
-Apply the safety and hygiene rules.
Candidates interested in this vacancy are requested to send their application file consisting of a cover letter, a
curriculum vitae and the diploma/certificates to the head office located in Bobiel Niamey, near clinic Mamar
Kasey, or by Email to the address: « r:r::,+ l~ 1–h-0Iy) ~b – xW – ~B;(O
NB: Applications from women and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged. This recruitment will
consist of 2 phases: Preselection on file, then oral interview.